We support various charities, and groups in their work to promote organ donation.
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The Connor Saunders Foundation

The Connor Saunders Foundation was set up after Connor was tragically killed by just one punch at 19. Connor was charming, kind and caring – he worked hard, was the first to help others his whole life (becoming an organ donor at 16) and believed that life was what you made it. Devastated, the Saunders family set up the Foundation in Connor’s name, determined to honour his life and maintain his capacity to love and care for those around him. This legacy promotes peace throughout Sussex, encouraging all to use their hands to help, rather than to hurt through anti violence workshops, first aid training and defibrillator packages to schools and clubs.

George’s Windmills

George’s Windmills is a small charity raising money to support poorly children and their families in Essex, London and the surrounding areas. The charity was formed in memory of their sweet boy, George Hatfield, who sadly lost his fight for life on 22nd December 2019, aged just 2 years old. They raise money to support hospitals and caregivers whilst also supporting children with liver disease directly by providing “Acts of Joy” to poorly children and their families via their “Wish Upon A Windmill” scheme. Sadly George passed away after being diagnosed with PTLD (Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease).

Kidney Research UK

Over three million lives in the UK are threatened by chronic kidney disease – young, old, male, female, it can strike any one of us at any time. This is why Kidney Research UK is dedicated to improving the understanding of kidney disease, its causes and treatments. Kidney disease is not, as commonly thought, a disease that affects only the elderly – it can happen at any age. Treatment options include a transplant – for which there is a waiting list or a life on dialysis, a life sustaining treatment – but which can severely restrict daily life.Important scientific breakthroughs are being made all the time and medical researchers are constantly developing improvements in treatments. However, problems still remain and scientific advances can only be sustained, and improved, if they succeed in raising their income and for that they need your help.

Kidney Care UK

Kidney Care UK provide support for more than 100 patients every week and invest over £3 million each year in patient grants. They provide Patient Support Services which cover practical and emotional support, funding patient research projects and improving care services. They give their total support to help improve the quality of life for everyone affected by kidney disease. They know that life can be hard when coping with a long term condition like kidney disease and how it can affect your ability to work and to live life to the full. Which is why they offer grants to kidney patients who are struggling financially. They are the leading UK provider of grants to kidney patients and last year supported over 1,500 individuals with grants totalling more than £1million.They provide grants for those unable to fund a holiday or short break away from the monotony of kidney disease, as well as supporting Dialysis Swap – a UK scheme to help patients find dialysis away from base.They work hard to make a difference to health services and patient care. Their hospital grants fund essential psycho-social staff as well as improving facilities and care.

Give a Kidney

Give a Kidney was set up in 2011 by a group of people committed to promoting altruistic or non-directed living kidney donation. The founding members include 10 people who each gave a kidney to a stranger under the NHS non-directed living kidney donor scheme.

Children’s Liver Disease

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation is the UK’s only paediatric liver disease charity which takes action against the effects of childhood liver disease, providing information, emotional support, research funds and a voice for all affected. Childhood liver disease – the facts:

• Every week 20 children in the UK are diagnosed with a life-threatening childhood liver disease
• More children in the UK are currently diagnosed with a liver disease than childhood leukaemia
• There are over 100 different liver diseases that can affect babies, children or young people
• For most childhood liver diseases the cause is unknown
• Liver disease has no cure

Freeman Heart & Lung Transplant Association (FHLTA)

The FHLTA is a voluntary organisation consisting of heart and or lung transplant recipients, families and their supporters. We hope you find our website informative and helpful. The Freeman Hospital is located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. The FHLTA look after many transplant & lvad families, whether its giving accomodation on the hospital grounds, financal or they are there for you to talk too.They have an amazing team who compete in all the transplantd games showing how important giving the gift of life is.Also they support the research into taking transplant to the next level by giving money to the amazing doctors to test for new drugs and ways of transplanting.Without the FHLTA alot of families would not be able to visit there loved ones in hospital.

Believe Organ Donor Support

Believe Organ Donor Support, based in Wales, is a charity established by Anna-Louise Bates in memory of her late husband, Stuart and her son, Fraser (Bear) Bates whose organ and tissue donations went on to save many lives. Anna’s aim is to educate people on the subject of organ donation and support those involved.

The Charlie & Carter Foundation “CCF”

Believe Organ Donor Support, based in Wales, is a charity established by Anna-Louise Bates in memory of her late husband, Stuart and her son, Fraser The Charlie and Carter Cookson Foundation was created in 2013 after Charlie’s parents spent two and half years fighting for a better quality of life for their son. Sarah and Christopher Cookson had to reduce their working hours to care for Charlie full-time and know only too well how difficult it can be coping with the stresses and strains of everyday life on top of caring for a seriously ill child. When their worst nightmare came true and Charlie passed away, they set up the Charlie Cookson Foundation in his honour to offer financial support to families of children with serious illnesses. Following their second son Carter’s untimely passing in January after being born on Boxing Day with heart failure, and the wait for a new little heart for Carter sadly proved too long the Foundation was renamed “The Charlie & Carter Foundation’. CCF provides financial support to the parents of seriously ill children with life limiting conditions which require 24 hour nursing care. The Foundation raises awareness of the difficulties faced by parents and carers and strives to improve the quality of life of sick and seriously ill children. Sarah “Our boys are side by side in name as they are in heaven, without any doubt we know that with the added strength of his little brother ‘The Cookson Brothers Charity’ will go from strength to strength. We continue to support families in desperate need of help, and will be doing all we can to promote the importance of organ donation. Our hearts are broken and will never mend… we would give our everything to have our boys with us, to hold their hands, to kiss their faces, to watch them grow….BUT for some reason, this was not meant to be. Our boys were here to make a difference and to help save the lives of many….we are so very proud of them #TheCharlieandCarterEffect. Our boys names and their legacies will live on.”

Donor Family Network

Donor Family Network is a charity that helps people whose lives have been affected by organ and tissue donation. They developed a National Memorial to organ and tissue donors and recipients,sited at the National Arboretum at Alrewas, near Lichfield in Staffordshire.

The Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex

The Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex are an independent charity funded almost entirely by public donations. Their doctor and paramedic teams can deliver all the skills and equipment of an A&E department to critically ill and injured patients – wherever and whenever it is needed. They attend the most serious accidents and emergencies and so, from time to time, they cannot always save someone’s life if their condition is just too severe. Over the years, they have built relationships with many families who know, because of the specialised skills of the crews, that everything possible was done to give their loved one the best chance of surviving. The families of those who registered to donate their organs can therefore take comfort in knowing that their loved one has saved the lives of others. Please do follow and support them in all their fantastic efforts.


The association, which has over 500 members, is self-funding and is run by kidney patients, their relatives and friends.