warm wishes from the Team at #Shareyourwishes

As we are not a charity we cannot have Patrons but we are honoured to announce that the wonderful

Sally Bee has agreed to be an Official Supporter for ShareYourWishes, and together we will encourage everyone irrespective of where they live to share their wishes about their organ donation decision.


Sally who is a Health and Wellbeing Coach as well as author and chef is as passionate about organ donation as we are and we look forward to many joint awareness ventures about organ donation.”


Here Sally is with our co-founder Sarah at The Gift of Life Ball along with our fabulous friends Diana and Kathryn, who are both transplant recipients, and with Karen who is part of #ShareYourWishes at The British Transplant Games.

Official announcement from #ShareYourWishes


Kate Cusack Life Coaching


“I am Kate Cusack and I am a fully qualified Life and Career Coach, based in Brighton. I am passionate about helping people, through coaching, to design and live their best and happiest lives. I believe that Coaching is an enjoyable and exciting process which leads to positive and long-lasting change.


During the Life Coaching partnership, I work collaboratively with you, over a series of one-to-one sessions, to uncover what you need to improve your life and happiness, and plan and implement action to get you there.


My innovative Career Coaching programme takes you from confusion to clarity on what you need from your work to be truly satisfied and fulfilled in your career, and how to make this a reality.


I believe that Coaching is an incredibly helpful process for anyone going through a major life transition, including those who have had an organ transplant or are recovering from chronic illness.


Coaching can help you regain confidence following a long break from work or just "normal life", can help you navigate the process of "getting back to normal", or adapting to and creating a "new normal", following such a fundamentally life changing experience. Coaching can help you identify and achieve any kind of life goals, big and small, and can help you make positive changes in any area of your life.


I feel I have a deeper empathy for, and understanding of what it is like to live through situations like this, following my husband's experience of chronic kidney failure and subsequent two kidney transplants. This motivates and inspires me to work with people whose lives have also been affected by chronic illness and organ transplant, and I am very excited to be working with Share Your Wishes to make Life and Career Coaching more accessible.


If you have been affected by organ donation in any way, and feel that Coaching could help you to make positive changes in your life I would love to hear from you!


Please contact me for more information or to arrange a free consultation, either through ShareYourWishes or directly at [email protected] or 07900 250795, or through my website www.katecusackcoaching.com”.



We are thrilled that ShareYourWishes will be collaborating Tell from South Africa. This is the first time that we have partnered with an international organisation.


TELL,just like us, want to encourage anyone who wants to donate their organs to TELL THEIR TRIBE of their wishes to be an organ and tissue donor. Awareness is key, and they,like us, firmly believe that the most important part of improving organ donation is conversation.

We believe that #tellyourtribe and #shareyourwishes are promoting the same message in that irrespective of where you live the subject of organ donation must be talked about and therefore the wishes of everyone are known and more lives may be saved.


Together we will encourage everyone to share their wishes about their organ donation decision and we look forward to many joint awareness ventures about organ donation.

visit www.tell.org.za or www.facebook.com/pg/tellorgza to find out more about the amazing work TELL do.


Official announcement from #ShareYourWishes


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