warm wishes from the Team at #Shareyourwishes

Hi I am Sarah and I was born with various congenital abnormalities back in 1972. One of which resulted in my kidney failing at much quicker rate than expected. After five years of waiting for a transplant I received the greatest gift one could have given me – the Gift of Life – in May 2006.


Without a precious donor and their courageous family giving me a second chance I wouldn’t be here to help raise awareness of the need to share your wishes about organ donation and support those who are either waiting for a transplant, have received a transplant or the precious donor families which is an honour and a privilege to do.

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Hi I am Louise

Mum to a beautiful son called Daniel who was born in End Stage Renal Failure.

Daniel spent 2.5 years on dialysis before receiving a kidney transplant from a live donor in December 2017.

Being in the situation we are in has made me determined to raise awareness of organ donation and the huge difference it can make. It literally does save lives.


My name is Lyndsey.

I am a living donor, I donated via the donation pool so that my mum could receive a kidney after being on dialysis from kidney failure.

Seeing my mum and my whole family’s life turned upside down spurred me on to want to encourage others to be able to give the most amazing gift that anyone could ever wish for. My mission is to get everone to sign the organ donation register and more importantly ‘share their wishes’ regarding organ donation.


Hello, I’m Dee and this is my beautiful 2-year-old daughter Tiffany Lothian.

Honestly, I had never even thought about organ donation until Tiffany came in to the world then everything changed, our world was turned upside down shortly after her birth when we found out she had a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia.

Tiffany had emergency surgery to try and save her liver but unfortunately it failed and she deteriorated quickly by the age of just 6 months old she had suffered some of the worst complications you could imagine, she had been priority listed however there wasn’t a liver available for her blood group and weight.

Thankfully Tiffany’s cousin Fern, came to the rescue and became her living related donor just in time. We set a goal of helping just one person and know that over these last 2 years we have potentially saved the lives of thousands by sharing our journey online and raising vital awareness, we want to continue to work hard to encourage as many adults & children to the register as we can, we also need to make sure that everyone who signs the register has shared their wishes, because in doing so families can make sure that this wish is fulfilled.



My name is Wendy. I lost my son Jack in Nov 2016 in a very tragic accident, he was only 21 and died 5 days before his 22nd birthday. 2 years before he had signed up to be an organ donor and was sitting at the computer urging the rest of the family to sign up. I remember his words, "Everyone needs to sign up, you don't need them when you are gone, give someone else the chance of life!" Even though Jack's life couldn't be saved he saved the lives of 4 people and changed many more by donating his organs and tissues.

Tomorrow is never promised to anyone so encouraging people to have those conversations and share their wishes is now my mission. In my moment of deepest sorrow it has given me comfort and hope that people are alive today because of organ donation.


Hi, my name is Charlotte and I had a double lung transplant in October 2011 at just 17 years old. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis; a genetic condition that effects all the major organs in the body.

I have spent my whole life in and out of hospital having harsh treatments to try and give me a ‘normal’ childhood. By the time I was 15 my lungs has deteriorated beyond repair.

Since having my transplant my life and my dreams are constantly being filled. I’ve graduated from university, got a full time job, jumped out of a plane, seen countries from all around the world and seen my sisters and nephew grow up to be beautiful people.

Organ donation is an incredible gift. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my donor and her family. Not only did she save my life, she’s given me a chance of an amazing one. Thank you could never be enough.

Hi. I’m Karen a donor wife of Mark, who passed away suddenly last May from a spontaneous brain bleed

I’m a keen walker especially in Lakes or Yorkshire Dales and especially with my black Labrador Isla. Mark and I had done 100 of 214 Wainwright walks and I’ve vowed to continue and finish these off in his memory

I’m a WI member, Guide Dog for the Blind volunteer and Donor Family Trustee

I had no hesitation in honouring Marks wishes to be an Organ Donor and he successfully went on to save the lives of 9 people - something that still amazes me today

I’ve been lucky to not only have had 2 letters from recipients of Marks organs, but to actually meet one of them too.

I’d love to help more recipients take that first step to write to their donor family and to encourage as many people as possible to sit down and have the conversation about their wishes with their family and next of kin.

I’m proud every day of what Mark did for all those people, so that they can have a second chance of life. He is as a selfless man in live and now in death

I love you to the moon and back every day my love, my soulmate and my friend of 31 years.