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Sophie's Amazing Legacy

By Share Your Wishes, Sep 4 2018 01:59PM

Abbie and Karl’s daughter Sophie recently became a donor after the wait for a new heart sadly became too long. We thank Abbie for her courage and strength in both sharing their story with us, and for agreeing to organ donation at such a sad time.

“Sophie was born in October 2014, healthy and beautiful - a baby girl to complete our family and a sister to William. Sunny, gregarious and into everything. We had a very happy 3 3/4 years together with Sophie - lots of laughter, holidays and happy memories. She loved music and swimming and, most of all, her big brother. Sophie was excited to be heading to nursery school in September.

Then one sunny June day in 2018, Sophie collapsed without warning. This was the first of what we now know to have been heart attacks. Sophie's beautiful heart was stopping because she had developed coronary artery disease - almost unheard of in children and something we could never have seen coming.

Sophie spent a short time in a local hospital before moving to the Brompton where she went into a coma and was placed on Ecmo life support after further heart attacks. Not long after this, we were moved to Great Ormond Street and she was placed on the heart transplant list.

Sadly, Sophie suffered a bleed to her brain and didn't live long enough to receive her new heart.

When we were told she wouldn't survive, we already knew that we must offer to donate her organs - we couldn't have accepted a place on a transplant list without being willing to offer this in return (and as her parents we had been on the organ donor list for many years).

At the time she died, the cause of Sophie's illness was unknown and the type of potential donations limited. We stuck with our offer for many hours, waiting to hear if she'd be eligible and if she had a match. Finally, some 15 hours later we were told she was able to be a kidney donor.

We know now that her tiny three year old kidney’s saved the lives of two grown men - an amazing thing to be able to hold onto in our darkest days.

We miss her every day. However, we are grateful that she was able to die with dignity in our arms and that she could save someone else.”

All those who donate enable love and life to live on in others. Those who receive such precious gifts will never stop saying thank you to their donors and the courageous donor families. Thank you.

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